Here is a list of the software projects that I am or have been involved with. More details can be found at my Github page

  • rCPRD: R tools for processing and extracting clinical information from downloaded CPRD cohorts. This software package provides tools for interrogating cohorts of primary care data downloaded from CPRD. The package rapidly accelerates the data acquisition and processing stage of PCD studies
  • rOpenHealth: This is a collaborative project to develop R tools facilitating access to quantitative healthcare and public health data. The eventual aim is to wrap all publicly accessible health data APIs in R code to make them more easily available for researchers. This project is a spin-off from the well-known rOpenSci open data project
  • : An online repository to improve validity and reproducability of medical database research. I conceived, designed and built this site which is an innovative approach to dealing with problems of validity in observational research
  • rClinicalCodes A CRAN package for integrating with the website (Development versions)
  • rPubmed. Tools for extracting and processing Pubmed and Pubmed Central records
  • Samatha. An R package for building static websites suitable for dissemination of scientific and statistical ideas and code via blogs and tutorials
  • RKoans. An interactive set of tutorials teaching the basics of the R programming language via a unit testing framework
  • EcologIE.Tools for text mining and information extraction on the ecological literature