Two R Tutorials for Beginners

I am currently in the process of rescuing some of the pages from my now defunct blogger blog and moving here. I also today gave a tutorial to the University of Manchester on data cleaning and subsetting, so I am killing two birds with one stone by linking to the Rpubs pages for both this and a short tutorial I gave last year on vectorisation.

The tutorials are:

  1. Subsetting in R: Spring cleaning your data
  2. Speeding up your R code – vectorisation tricks for beginners

The R markdown source file for both of these are available on my github page. Rpubs is a great site from the people behind RStudio that allows you to upload R markdown scripts compiled using Knitr in no time at all.

Using R Markdown, Knitr, RStudio and Rpubs to produce and publish tutorials has proved a complete joy. It is simple, quick and painless to get pages online with embedded R code and output.

I have also produced a slide presentation for an internal seminar series in my department using R Markdown, Knitr, Pandoc and Beamer. I was really pleased with the results (Which are also on my github page) and how easily I was able to achieve them, particularly with the huge reduction of Latex boilerplate I was forced to write. I will be doing all of my presentations with this method in future and will blog about the workflow for doing so in due course.